Surrender | Widow's Mite

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Surrender | Widow's Mite

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  • Handmade
  • Widow’s mite cast in sterling silver 
  • 14kt gold plated at 3 microns. 
  • Chain length includes two lengths at 17” & 18”. Please contact is adjustments needed.
  • Beautifully packaged and ready to gift

Quality is one of our core values, which is why at Frances + Dean we use brass, bronze, sterling silver, fine silver & gold-filled metals. Filled metals far outlast silver or gold plated jewelry, as the metal is bonded to the core and does not chip or wear away. Gold-filled jewelry contains almost 100% more gold than gold plated. Gold-filled is not only more valuable, but is tarnish resistant as well as an economical alternative to solid gold. 

So when you are shopping for pieces with longevity, always make sure you you are purchasing, at a minimum, gold-filled or fine/sterling silver. In today’s market, the cost of sterling silver and gold-filled is more affordable, allowing you to invest more in the quality of your pieces. Overall you will be paying more than you would for gold or silver plated (usually), but the cost is so worth it!

Surrender: to voluntarily give up or abandon in favour of another. 
For most of us, “surrender" paints this picture of white flags, loss and admitted defeat. Often times we hear the word and attach weakness and shame to it’s meaning. To "surrender one’s badge", one is laying down authority and privileges that the badge previously granted. Surrendering feels like pain and can be perceived as a loss of identity, position, power and privilege. Even surrendering one's own opinions, rightness, time freedom and offences is a painful process. 
Christianity is full of paradox. The paradoxical nature of surrender is one of the most important facets of our beliefs, as it is critical in our relationship with God and others and even with ourselves. 
Take the Widow in Mark 12:41-44. Her surrender is two fold: one is a learned surrender due to the blows life’s dealt her and the other is a willing surrender. Forced into a perspective where she held the things of this world loosely, the Widow knew where her true treasure and meaning lie. Her brief mention in the Bible tell us so much about what it means to paradoxically gain freedom and life when choosing to surrender it all and trust. 
Let this piece be a reminder to you— to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s calling, to lean into the Lord with trust and to lay down your life, day after day. May you live in the Victory that surrender grants when you obey.