Maat Living Tea
Maat Living Tea

Maat Living Tea

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      ( 16 SERVINGS (4g)) Our Stress Purge tea with Adaptogenic Ashwagandha blend is designed to lift the anxiety and pressure that we all feel in our lives. Anxiety and stress from the pandemic, our families, school, jobs and our hectic lives can wear us down. Drink this blend to alleviate those pressures. Stress Purge is smooth, calming, and tasty.


    Ashwagandha is at the heart of this blend. Said to build your immune system and help combat the effects of stress and anxiety.


    Keep in mind that the ritual of tea – taking time out for yourself to make and drink tea – is also calming. Add Stress Purge to your daily routine and you’ll notice your body release its tension and your outlook will brighten.


      Ashwagandha*, schisandra berry*, cacao nibs*, holy basil*, orange peel*, passionflower*, butterfly pea flower, *organic. Caffeine free.