Handmade Kimono with pockets
Handmade Kimono with pockets
Handmade Kimono with pockets

Ryan & Co.

Handmade Kimono with pockets

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Handmade 1890’s inspired quilted kimono with deep pockets designed by Ryan & Co.  One of a kind! 

 Hand wash or dry clean recommended.  

. A handmade garment is so much more delicate to your everyday high street garment. 

How To Hand Wash Clothing.

Pretreat the garment for any stains. We recommend using chemical free solutions. Remember to the turn the garment inside out as well after.

Fill a tub with room temperature water and add in some delicate wash detergent.

Add your item to the tub submerging them and mixing them in the water. After this leave the garments for around 30minutes.

Rinse well using cold water until no more soapy solution runs from the garment.

Remove excess water by squeezing and twisting the garment (delicately). Then lay the item flat and roll in a towel and leave for an hour.

After this hand your garment to dry naturally and to avoid the garment creasing too much so that an iron isn’t needed badly.