Lemon Jelly Gaia
Lemon Jelly Gaia
Lemon Jelly Gaia
Lemon Jelly Gaia

Lemon Jelly Gaia

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Seduced, that's how these buckle sandals in a soft and glowy warm grey make you feel. From the top of their 5cm platform, you can glimpse moments of true happiness, and in their natural lightness you take a leap to reach it. Slip on, slip off. As easy as it sounds and as irresistible as it looks. For effortless outfits and chill out days. A pair of vegan sandals, produced with 100% renewable energy.

    To keep your Lemon Jelly's looking as new for longer we recommend the following steps: Wipe them gently with a damp soft cloth, keeping away the use of detergents or corrosive cleaning products or solvents. Let your pair dry naturally in the shade to avoid damaging their material, colour and texture. Store your Lemon Jelly's in their original box to protect them from contact with other footwear, avoiding stains or colour transfers

      • Wedge with 5cm
      • Wedge slide in EVA, complient with REACH european health and environmental standards
      • Insole in EVA with 7 mm
      • Brand logo laser engraved on the insole
      • Buckles in polycarbonate with the brand logo embossed
      • Made in Portugal